Calling All Arts & Culture Lovers: Minneapolis Is The Place To Be

Minneapolis: An Historical Arts & Culture Hub

It’s not every day that most art lovers can walk out their front door and into a city full of creative venues around every corner. For those who live in Minneapolis, that’s their reality.

Over the years, Minneapolis has become the arts destination for those who can’t get enough where they grew up. Long drives, and having to plan trips to a simple museum weeks in advance probably has something to do with that.

Minneapolis has long been a place rich in arts, culture, and entertainment. With beautiful architecture, innovative museums, and Tony Award-Winning theaters, it’s no wonder Minneapolis has become the preferred destination for people who love the arts.

In 2016, the Star Tribune published that the Minneapolis Institute of Art had reached the highest rate of attendance in its entire 101 years of existence with 760,000 people. This is just one demonstration of how important the arts are in this brilliant city.

 Minneapolis is the historical boyhood home of Sinclair Lewis

Minneapolis was home to America’s first Nobel Prize winner for literature, Sinclair Lewis. Born the son of a country doctor in 1885, Lewis spent most of his years reading and writing, later working as a janitor for Upton Sinclair’s Helicon Hall. Later, he worked as an editor for several years. He derived much of his character inspiration from his public schooling prior to attending Yale University, at which time he was a contributor to the school’s literary magazine.

After college, Lewis spent two years as a journalist, a newspaper reporter in Iowa and San Francisco, and a junior editor where he wrote hundreds of letters requesting funding for the magazine he worked for. When he reached the age of twenty-five, he landed a position with a New York publishing house for fifteen dollars a week, which was quite a bit of money in those days.

Lewis received the honor of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1930 for his “vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humor, new types of characters.” Lewis attributes his success to his gift for writing books that ruffled the smug feathers of Americans who felt compelled to read his scandalous works, despite their objections to them.

Raising a family in Minneapolis

When you’re raising a family, it’s important to be in an area that supports the outdoors along with creative arts and culture. Lasalle Apartments (located on Lasalle Ave.) offers a luxury apartment community that puts you right in the heart of this important scene. Close to cultural and sporting venues, active nightlife, shopping, and dining, these luxury apartments are perfect for those who want to be where all the creative action is.

Private Liberal Arts Colleges

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons art lovers come to Minneapolis is to continue their education in the arts. There are eight nearby arts colleges:

  • Augsburg College (Minneapolis)
  • Carleton College (Northfield)
  • Catherine University (Saint Paul)
  • Concordia University (Saint Paul)
  • Hamline University (Saint Paul)
  • Macalester College (Saint Paul)
  • Olaf College (Northfield)
  • University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul and Minneapolis)

Getting outside with your family

Getting adequate exposure to the sun is the best way to optimize your family’s health, as the sun synthesizes Vitamin D3 through your skin. Vitamin D3 plays an important role in maintaining your immune system and healthy blood sugar levels.

Loring Park is one of the best places to spend your summers outdoors. Loring Park has a bike path (complete with a bike pump), fishing pier, garden, ice skating rink, wading pool, picnic area, playground, and a generous walking path for taking an evening stroll.

Minneapolis brings the vibrant art scene to your family

With countless schools across the US being stripped of funding for art and music programs, it’s now up to the parents to find ways to bring the arts into their children’s lives.

There are plenty of family-friendly cultural activities to engage in this wondrous city.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art houses over 80,000 historical works from a span of over 5,000 years including works from well-known artists like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, and Matisse. The museum’s collected works originate from across the globe, from Asia to Africa, creating a global conversation. The best part is admission is free!

The Minnesota State Fair offers 12 days of back-to-back fun with 1.9 million annual guests in attendance. At this fair, you can see livestock, learn about agriculture, converse with artists selling their creations, see live performances, and of course, select your lunch from over 500 different food items.

The Minnesota History Center provides an interactive experience that also hosts live concerts, important lectures, family fun days, and various other community events.

Exposure to the arts opens the door for world change

History shows us that it’s the younger innovators from each generation who often make the biggest impact on changing our world for the better. However, the path that was laid out for them in the past often needs to be recreated in today’s digital society. In Minneapolis, that path is everywhere you look.

Digital distractions can be cured with art

The fact that “screen time” is a standard privilege says everything about the importance of bringing the arts into our children’s lives.

When you live in a city like Minneapolis that promotes art from all angles, you have the unparalleled opportunity to walk out your front door and into an engaging experience. With enough exposure to the arts, you may not need to tell your kids how much “screen time” harms their health – they might naturally begin to gravitate away from their digital devices.

Exposure to, and indulging in the arts is absolutely vital to living a healthy life. Creativity leads to happiness, reduces anxiety and stress, and helps us all become better at adapting to changes and solving problems. It also gives us a sense of purpose, and that is the driving force behind innovation in our world.

If you love the arts, consider moving to Minneapolis where culture and inspiring nightlife are always right around the corner.