Window Insulation Solutions for Minneapolis Apartments During the Winter

As we get further into the winter season, we anticipate spending the holidays with loved ones, frigid temperatures, and drinking cocoa with the heat on. What we don’t anticipate is our heating conking out and having our Minneapolis Apartments turned into ice boxes.

If an uninvited draft is seeping into your unit, have a look at your windows. Improperly fitted or sealed windows impair the energy usage in your household. With that in mind, consider these 5 solutions for window insulation in Minneapolis Apartments during the winter:

Window Insulation Film

window insulation film Window insulation film is a simple, affordable approach to stop cold air from entering your condo. It’s not attached to the unit permanently, making it a seasonal solution for tenants enduring drafty windows. You’ll find the film sold as a kit, and you can buy one at your neighborhood home improvement or hardware store (and online, too). Double-stick tape and plastic shrink (film) are inside the kit.

Installation is a fairly easy job; film covers the window frame with double-stick tape. Afterward, the film is shrunk with a hair dryer, removing any wrinkles in the process. Unfortunately, the window can’t be opened once the window insulation film is installed. If you want the window open, the film will need to be removed. It will need to be reinstalled if/when you want the window closed.

Insulated/Thermal Curtains

You can make a room more vibrant and lively with curtains, which is aesthetically pleasing in the dull and dreary winter seasons. Curtains are more than just a fashionable accessory, however. They will act as a shield, stopping drafts from penetrating windows. Insulated or thermal curtain installation is easy to do and can reduce your heating bill by as much as 25% during the winter, based on stats from BHG. As a bonus, insulated and thermal curtains will also reduce noise from outside your home.

Draft Snakes
draft snake Draft snakes are tubes made of fabric that you can place in front of gaps in doorways and windows. They are easy to make and cheap to buy. Look up DIY draft snakes on Google or YouTube if you want to learn how to create your own.

Rubber Weather Sealing

Ideal for condos, weather sealing strips can be found in hardware and home improvement stores (and online). Determine your window’s dimensions and cut the stripping to match the size of your frames. Place the stripping onto the frame after peeling back its tape. Once installed, cold air won’t get inside your home and your heating bill won’t rise.

Cellular Shades

Power tools are required for cellular shade installation. You may wish to contact your building’s superintendent prior to conducting any work. Cellular shades are more effective with double, triple, and even single-layered fabric pleats. They are popular in Minneapolis apartments as they reduce energy costs and effectively trap air.